Mission Statement:
The Hospitality Ministry promotes a welcoming environment at Mount Carmel Baptist Church. Our loving members are committed to making visitors feel welcome, for all who attend our church. When we gather, we do so as a community to celebrate, to give thanks, to praise, to worship, and to rejoice. We take joy in the presence of one another.

About the Hospitality Ministry
Hospitality members extend a warm greeting to all, who gather for church events. The Hospitality Ministry does something that all members are asked to do:  to be welcoming and hospitable to visitors and fellow guests.  The Hospitality Ministry is the church’s way of being sure, that this happens, being sure that the first face everyone sees at church is smiling and being sure, that people feel at home.  Those are values that everyone in the congregation has responsibility for, but the hospitality ministry are the one’s, who  are specifically assigned to this responsibility.

Volunteer Ministry Opportunity
This ministry is open to all – women, men, singles, couples, families, youth, young adults, and seniors.