Mission Statement:
The Music Ministry’s purpose is to:


Praise God in music and song.
Lead and support the congregation in their active participation in all church services
Foster a sense of community and shared prayer
Emphasize teachings and concepts from the scriptures
Touch the heart in a way that words alone cannot
Expose our church community to different styles of liturgical music, maintaining our links to the traditions of the Church through the ages and presenting fresh music from our time.

A minister of music is someone, who shares faith, serves the community, and expresses the love of God and neighbor through music.
About the Music Ministry
The Music Ministry consists of four choirs representing every Sunday throughout the month. These choirs include the Senior Choir, Men’s Choir, Youth Choir and Gospel Choir.  The Senior Choir is considered more traditional consisting of hymns and note singing. The Gospel Choir does a wide variety of music from early Gospel favorites to modern day contemporary music. The Men’s Choir does a wide variety of music from traditional to modern music. The Youth Choir, which also does many styles, but with an emphasis on both contemporary and rhythmic.

Minister of Music and Choir Director

Men’s Choir
Elton Parson, President
(828) 404-6514
Men’s Choir Director
Tyler Rowe
(828) 409-0741
Youth Choir
Makayla Teague, Vice President
Youth Choir Director(s)
Darnease “Slym” Parson
(828) 404-2655
Amy Teague
(828) 303-6951
Sr. Choir President & Director
Deacon Albert Steele
(828) 241-3527
Gospel Choir
Rebecca Little, President
(828) 632-4877
Gospel Choir Director(s)
Valerie James
(704) 737-5111
Darnease “Slym” Parson
(828) 404-2655