Mission Statement:
Mount Carmel Baptist Church Ministerial Staff and Deacon’s Ministry will minister to the Elderly, Sick and Homebound members of the church with dignity and respect, offering compassionate, supportive care by encouraging a sense of belonging and connection to the Body of Christ through Holy Communion and visitation from the people of God.
About Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care brings the Church to people. It brings a sense of connection and belonging to the elderly and sick, allowing them to make a meaningful contribution to society. Along with the Pastor, 5 Deacons are assigned to the home-bound and hospitalized, who are interested in having regular visitation. In many cases, strong personal ties develop and the relationship becomes an integral part of the person’s support system – By interacting with family and caregivers, running errands and providing transportation to the store,
the pharmacy and to medical appointments. Senior citizens desire and cherish trusted companions, who consistently visit and care about them.