Mission Statement:
The Usher’s Ministry serves the worshipping congregation by providing a welcoming, hospitable atmosphere and assuring the orderly progress of the worship service.
About the Usher’s Ministry
The Usher’s Ministry finds it roots in Hebrew scripture. II Kings speaks of the “doorkeepers” who collected money offerings from the people (2 Kings 22:4).
Ushers are a part of the Levitical priesthood assuring the comfort of the congregation during the worship experience by performing various functions throughout the liturgical services.  Ushers help people sit together, if someone is sick or needs emergency care, we can count on the ushers to help quickly and with professional care.  They assist with the orderly evacuation during fire drills or other emergencies requiring the exiting of the church. Ushers take up the collection and manage the flow of the congregants as they bring their tithes and offerings unto the Lord.  They also manage the flow during the recessional. The usher is often the last one, that members, visitors and guests encounter as they exit the church as they distribute the bulletins and wishes everyone a fond farewell, until we next meet.
The Usher Ministry at Mount Carmel Baptist Church is open to men, women, singles, couples, families, youth, young adults, and seniors. Some ushers have served the church for decades, while others have joined the ministry fairly recently.  

The usher ministry holds monthly meetings to review procedures and to determine training opportunities throughout the year arranged by the Mountain and Catawba Missionary Baptist Association.

Volunteer Ministry Opportunity
Please consider becoming a Mount Carmel Usher. To be a good usher, the individual has to have a desire for service and prayer.  Secondly, a good usher has the gift of hospitality. For a complete description of an usher’s duties and responsibilities or to volunteer, see the Usher or Youth Usher ministry descriptions. You may also speak with any member of the usher team.

Brother Tyrone Balthrop
(828) 228-2763